Parking Meter System

A simple, reliable, technologically advanced parking system that will activate our downtown streets, energize our economic recovery and assist in providing convenient street parking for patrons of all downtown businesses through parking space turnover.

Parking Ambassadors - The primary role of the ambassadors is to provide assistance to parking system customers not only in using the meters but also providing information about downtown attractions, shopping, entertainment and events. These employees enforce necessary parking regulations, but Parking Violation Fees are not received by the management company, the Park Board or the Downtown Partnership, and writing citations is not a priority.

Marketing Funds - A percentage of the gross revenue generated by parking system users is dedicated to marketing the downtown and boosting tourism. This marketing program will be facilitated by the Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and have oversight from downtown constituents. These dollars are to be specifically put in a separate account that is restricted for only Downtown Marketing.

WiFi Access - The meters communicate with each other through an encrypted wireless system. This system will allow the provision of discreet WiFi bandwidth specifically for public WiFi access throughout the downtown street grid - appealing to visitors, convenient for businesses and residents

Pay By Phone - You can:
° Pay for parking from any location via your smart device (iPhone, Android Blackberry)
° Add time remotely
° Receive a receipt online
° Receive text message reminders

Download the application for your particular device.   An account is required.  Once registered, you can use the mobile app, the Internet or your smart device to pay for parking.  Signing up is free.


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